Three Strong and powerful Biblical Women


We read so much about Prophets and Kings.


Some theologians argue that the major women who surrounded King David were weak and hollow.  The overwhelming evidence is that these were at least as strong as the men, and considerably brighter.


King David, and the men and women who surrounded him had many flaws as well as strengths.   The characters however are all strong in terms of intelligence backbone stamina, and decision making.  In the end they all fall on the basis of decisions they had made.



The three leading women in the play- Tamar, Bathsheba and Michal –are especially intriguing people    In fact as they are strong as the strong will men who surround King David -Nathaniel , Joab, Princes Absalom and Amnon. All were crummy and had bad moral character.


Bathsheba:  Is one of the intriguing women in the Jewish history.    She was the favorite of King David who passionately fell in love with as she was bathing essentially on her porch.    Bathsheba was the wife of Uriah, David’s chief general when David laid eyes on her, and one of his innumerable flaws took control of him:  lust


Bathsheba has been defended as being forced to do whatever she did   that is she had no free will.  This is nonsense.   Both Tamar and Michel clashed head on with King David

Both Tamar and Michal paid heavily for standing up to King David and other powerful men about them.   Bathsheba relented thus breaking the marriage.     A pregnancy ensues and David must make certain that his is not branded the father to save her reputation (and his) and Uriah, knowing of his wifes infidelity and his kings betrayal.  .   Tgheerore David knows that he must have Uraih called and therefore send s hito balttle againt a foric and a battle that he can not win   Uriah dies in battle.    Nathaniel  thennn=Chife Minsiter then informs David that he has sinned andwil face God.’s punihsent  the chid dies butDavid-God’s chosen-os fprgove  .


The femisists argue tht BAthsba was lily innocent in this sham of an operation—sinsisnsin.  The femiists aruge that Bathsba had no say.  Thgis sis ridicuos because Bathseba could have taken the same rout as ichal-who after DAvids sinful and arrogant befhaveor –woul==mocked andwould not lie with him  Or MiTamar who once raped by her bfrother goes public andinso doing cfrates a Civl war that destroys a nation.     No Bathsba does not rist.  She apprar more than just a wiling partner.


Bathsheba submissiveness certainly does not show up in the rest of kings.   Her son Solomon was sixth inline for the throne.  King David was drying.  Bathsga alongwithherold archviral Nahtaniel  forced david to make Solomn theking.   That mantstalingthe throne  Bathsba was the shy submissive womenthefemisnsit have adeher out to be.    Fter Dvis death his other sons make overtures to Bathsba aware of her political powere anda=sagacity.     BAhtsbagetto seehersonSolomn croned andbegome a grat Kingwhol bilds thetemple, whoals wasdestoryed by his own exesses. Concerning her moral character.  The question is did she acquiesce   unwillingly.  I do not know.  The feminists do.  The arugment being that  she was forced into it andhad no choice.  Cleary she did have a choice. Andwnet against.  Second when the deicision to send Jericho into deadly battle sge gead ti  because  She would have had a child out of wedlock and therefore subject to death.   This episode ends quicly when although David is p9ihsed by god through the death of the babvid and dmmitted adusltery   She bore a child out of wedlock, and had to have been cmpict in the murder of her husband, Uriah   Sme arugue that she had no choice.    Well Michal and   tonyhad a choice.  Go along with her King husband or not.  She chose not to.  Bathsheba could havee likewise.




 Tamar:  Davids tragic daughter.    Tamar is a tragic woman   She is a the center of the Davidc drama. Again she is a mao0r driving force.  Without her, Israel liely would  not have had a civ war, that divided the House of David into two with fatriced and attempted patricide.      Tamar was the daughter of the Princess of    Jezreel andKingDavid   She thus came from a royal line on both side.s.    She was the ful sister of King Davis remarkable son Abasalom, and of course half siblingto the other of Kings Daivs  children incuding Amnon.   The simpoes story.   ‘amnons was infatuated with her.   A trait whch he got frm his father What is remarkable about Tamar.   She stood on principe.  She coud have taken the easy way out and ket sient.  She did not  By making the rpaer an ssue, she began the conflict that became a deadly civl war.   The tragedy had both brothers killed.   David lost both sons.   Ere we see that Tamar was a owman of principle and integrity   She was also a woman obbarvery willing to  protect her honor.    She was aware tht wath she was doing  fwould cause major turol  She was right. Here is the true feminists  Tanding up for her rights.  Cntast Tamar with Bathsheba.   No comparison  Tamar stood up for decency.  Thatshbeadid not.   Tamar was a woan of hnor.





Michal ;  Michal was davids first wife.    She got screwed the most.  First she saved her hubands life—the young King David—who obviously married her because she was hgte ings Daughter.  And hi8s second choice .As yung mawna she hid andprotectred david.

But after a while, here father took her ways fro Aivd;   After a year the increasingly bitter Saul, removes Micha from David   And gives her to another man     And by the way, David had gained Michal hand by killing 200 Philistines  and bringing their skulls to  Saul.


The other manis Palti.  She comes to leove him very much.   In the meanite Saul commits suicieide     David tirumps in the ensuing Civl War  andbecomes King of Isarel. He finds Michal now married to a man named Paltiwhom  loves.       However Kig David     wants to  to hold the kingdom together, he claims Michal as his wife. He takes her from Palti, crying.  Dancing naked in front of her home, she mocks him.   Accoridng to scrpute  she incurs Gosd’s rath and is never able to hagve children.  Asa aresult  the town houses of Benjamin and Judah—the best and the  righte of the jaoben offspring were never united.  Which lead  to a Civil war eventuay when Absalom rebvled against hs father with the support of the trie of rhw hoauw od kiah    Bu the revoutin failed and he was killed   She died childless.  The writer of Samuel 1  says tht God made her childess because she laughed at David for dancing naed in front of her apartment.



These womens morla code is no worse than the men. And they maketheir own decsison The ar the arirtaors of turning  They behaved with dingty and did not refrain from speaking up and speaking out


I am proud of these women .


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