By Anthony E. Gallo


I learned the hard way that I really had no alternative.


In this new age of technological change, old institutions are falling and new ones are coming up.  The new technology has changed the world and undone the power of monopolies.  No place is this more apparent than in the arts and writing. No longer are writers, motion picture producers, playwrights screenwriters and the like totally dependent on an elite staff of publishers, studio executives, a theatrical tycoons and the like  to determine whether our  works become a reality.  We make them a reality.


Self publish and produce?   Once I said no.      I learned the hard way.  And have never regretted it. Since 1907 I have self published 14 books produced 14 production And Of course I would never exclude someone wanting topublish and produce mey works.  And guess what.  Since I have   my productivirty has increase terenomusly.  Woul ask others to do the same. y


The age of the all powerful publisher, move pordcuter, theatrical producer, music producer and all the other powerful gurus is over.  None of us are at the mercy of that one underfpaid fldgiling who holds the keys to the kingsdo  That is =if we sep publich produce .


Whyu? Well all of our output is sednt to publishers,and producers, and thearres, and movies cmpanies.  Occasiaonlly a liters of rejection.  Udusaly totally igore.





  1. First, I maintain control. My 15 plays , 3 operas, 12 publications and 118 productions.   These products are all my creation.
  2. Very less costly
  3. Much more profitable
  4. I am my own boss
  5. If successful I will made more money.
  6. I maintain compoete artictic control.
  7. It takes less time.
  8. It is fmore effiecent.
  9. No frustsation
  10. I will not turn over control of my work to an insignifcnat ebureacutrat in some publishing house, moie studio, o=music company, agent, or theatre company
  11. I can concentrate on th jouy of writing, producing, composing,
  12. Saving time and mfofning. With the enw horus

In 2013 I will have published all of my plays.  I now have 25 self produced booksWhy did I decide to self produce and self publish?



  1. Being looked down upon.
  2. Less money
  3. No editing
  4. More mistakes.
  5. . being laughed at.


I had no choice.   Neither do most of us for the most part.  The  law of averages is not with us. It’s a matter of simple supply and demand.  There are  too many playwrights, essayists, novelists, many writers, screenplays, , , musicals, books. Peims, songs.  You name it.  And you may wait years.


I learned the hard way.   But it taught me well. With the pays. The intention  is so that my work will ot go to waste. First there were hundreds of letters of rejection.   After a while I stopped sedihg out my plays.   And then one day, it daiend on me while  watching the Oscars. Mmmm Seems all were self production


I then realized I had two joucces. Consider sending plys out, the ostensibly esy7 rout, or self producing.

Don’t have to be a rocket scientist   But a real chalgeng.  Specilly wkth my age.


Today I publish all my won pbos, product all my won plays, productall my own music,   Four companies.  Seventh street Playhouse, productgs all my polays.  Browns court publishing has p-buhoshed all my books.   Gallo music company publishes and nogtiates on all of  my libetrtos and works with my composers.  Eastern Market studios


Began in 2007.  With David.   Foreced but worked .  Then treid two more.  But not until I was really sdecrwed by the frfinge dricto. Roland Gomez.

He promised to cirect a play. Did not   instead resented e with letter    wouldoly do atagted reading.


Well it has been heaven since.  Not ony four company  Easterhn Market studios


Why must you self produce publish


  1. Rejectins
  2. ready market for your woek.



Do I want and deserbve a publisher


No.  But if one comes along fine.





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